Sponsors 2022

HR Excellence Awards is a unique opportunity for the whole industry to gather on a single evening to celebrate the best in achievement, ability and performance. 

If you are interested in sponsoring the 2022 Awards, please get in touch with our sponsorship team to discuss how we can help your organisation maximise its exposure by becoming identified with the most prestigious awards in the industry.

To discuss your options please contact either
Edith Barrett on 020 7501 6716 or edith.barrett@markallengroup.com
Angela Koduah on 020 7501 6685 or angela.koduah@markallengroup.com

Morson Group

With a unique 50-year heritage of innovative recruitment, Morson Group has an outstanding reputation for delivering consultancy, design, technology, training, screening and people solutions around the world. 
You will find our influence across a diverse portfolio of industries including aerospace, nuclear, energy, construction, utilities, IT & digital, professional services and more. Our team comprises 1,000+ talented people who go above and beyond to place thousands of diverse people into assignments, roles and projects globally – spanning all skill levels and disciplines. We draw from an ever-expanding portfolio of 12,000+ engaged candidates who look to us for expert support to maintain and enhance their careers with new opportunities. Annually, we deliver millions of people hours to client projects.
At Morson, recruitment is more than filling roles. It's transforming businesses, fueling industry and innovation, creating fulfilling careers and opening up the world of work for all.

Placing people first, it's our guiding principle and it's our responsibility. With this at our heart, our candidates return, our clients become advocates, and our employees thrive in a successful culture that nurtures their ambitions.

Morson Group

Investors in People

Investors in People have been making work better for organisations across the world since 1991. In that time, they’ve worked with over 11 million people and over 50,000 businesses. Because happy people are healthier people, and healthier people are more productive. Productive people are good for business, and in turn, society. See where they’re going with this? If you’d like more information about Investors in People, what they do and who they’re working with, visit www.investorsinpeople.com

Health and Wellbeing at Work