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Dorchester Collection

Dorchester Collection was established in 2006 to manage a portfolio of some of the world’s foremost luxury hotels in Europe and the USA.  By applying its unrivalled experience in owning and operating some of the world’s great individual hotels, the company’s vision is to become the ultimate hotel management company, with a passion for excellence and innovation, honouring the individuality and heritage of its hotels. This is achieved through both acquiring hotels and managing hotels on behalf of third party owners. People know the hotels of Dorchester Collection. They are icons in their own right with worldwide reputations as places offering the best and most sought-after experiences of good living, charm, elegance and service. Each hotel celebrates its own original character enriched by contemporary styling and state-of-the-art facilities. With historic buildings in outstanding locations each hotel also embodies the culture of its city.

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Intuo is a platform that helps you create a culture of growth & feedback. We increase engagement and reduce churn in three simple steps:

1. Structure: We help you simplify your current appraisal process so people know what’s expected of them.

2. Enable: We give managers and their teams effective tools to have better 1on1s, exchange feedback and track goals.

But, here’s where it gets interesting:

3. Smart: Once people are onboard, smart suggestions will appear to accelerate that culture of growth & feedback. Example: a drop in engagement could indicate a potential
flight risk.

By applying this methodology, our clients have made performance management more than just a tick in the box.

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